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Canine Care – Who’s to Blame for Teeth Trouble?

A year ago I stood in the vet’s office and felt my jaw drop as the words “twelve hundred dollars” rang in my ears. These big three little words  were in answer to my inquiry regarding the cost of dental cleaning for my cat. The veterinary doctor calmly explained the importance of proper dental maintenance and suggested I start saving. I (not quite as calmly) protested that, as a full time graduate student, there wasn’t any money to save and that I couldn’t possibly do it. Twelve months later (still twelve hundred dollars lacking) my jaw revisited the very same floor as I realized I was going to have to find a way.

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Responsible Pet Owners Recycle: Make a New Years Resolution!

Once again the year is coming to a close. Various holiday traditions and media messaging urge us to reflect and consider what we will resolve to do better next time around.  Having learned from years past, and borrowing from the mass experience of the U.S. (and possibly the world) population, I say with confidence that the list must be short and the actions simple. Long lists of lofty resolutions seem to be seldom resolved. Instead, I call to arms all dedicated pet owners to pledge to a simple change that could yield enormous impact. I speak of recycling pet food cans.  Continue reading

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Nature vs Murder: Crimes of Feline Passion

When we first moved to our current home I was faced with a decision that required serious consideration. For the first time in our four years together, my cat Jefa wanted to go outside. She had always seemed content to remain indoors, free from the dangers and discomforts of the streets from which she came. All that was about to change, however, in a manner that caused me to wonder not only at her dark side, but possibly my own. Continue reading


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