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You Are What You Eat…and So is Fluffy: Is Pet Food Humane?

As a Bay Area native I will say the following about my fellow Californians. We are progressive, healthy, activists, early adopters of causes and technology, and most of us care about nature and its creatures. Since we are also human beings who crave companionship many of us find love and satisfaction in the furrier members of our families, as do many across the country, and increasingly, the world. Just as we do for ourselves, we take care in selecting products that will keep our pets healthy and happy. But how often do we consider the health and happiness of the animals that are sacrificed for these products?

Anyone who has experienced the joys of animal companionship would shudder to think of their own pets enduring cruel treatment or neglect. Should we, then, extend the same concern to all animals? The humane treatment of animals, especially as food sources has been heatedly debated for decades. Even among the activists and supporters there is controversy regarding what actually constitutes humane treatment. Continue reading


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Where’s the Food?

As discussed in my previous post, there is movement toward the availability of sustainable pet product options. However there is a glaringly obvious hole in this trend: food. There are very few options for purchasing healthy, sustainable pet food.

A few small companies are rising up here and there. Jeffreys Natural Pet Food in San Francisco prepares fresh pet food from organic, locally sourced meat. Additionally, some of the larger companies promote “healthy ingredients” and “environmentally friendly packaging”. However, I assert that the efforts being made to meet those claims are often minimal at best and in some cases completely misleading. In an attempt to examine closely what exactly is (or isn’t) happening in the pet food industry, I have conducted extensive research and drawn certain conclusions which I would like to share with the pet community and their human companions. Continue reading

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