Sustainable Products & Services

Here are some links to companies that are making efforts to provide sustainable pet products. These are mostly companies that can be found in stores or who can ship products. Local Bay Area businesses are listed separately. If you find more, please post them! If you are a business and would like to be listed, please comment below or email the author at

Note: The author of this blog has not personally used all products or companies listed here, it is up to responsible pet owners to conduct their own research regarding their pets needs. This list is intended as a starting point guide only!


General Products: Pet Litter, Toys, Accessories and More

Note: Worldwise offers brands such as SmartyKat and PoochPlanet

Note: Earth friendly litter and other products


Bay Area Locations

Sunset Pet Supply

Bay Area Green Pets

Note: Has a great product/store list


Environmentally Friendly/Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Note: Green cleaning products that are pet friendly


Food and Treats

Greenopia Food Ratings


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